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We are Customer-oriented


The customers are our starting point in every process in our company. When designing a new product, looking for new solutions or introducing new processes, we always ask ourselves: what is the scope of the Customer’s needs and whether the proposed change is aimed at increasing their satisfaction?

A Customer-oriented approach, that makes them ultimately buy our products from our trading partners, allows us to maximize sales, as well as avoid many of the hassles associated with trading. Taking care of their well-being and satisfaction, we also take care of the commercial success of our partners, as well as our company. 

Everybody wins!


Prepared comprehensively

We offer our Customers comprehensive solutions containing all the necessary elements necessary to achieve success. We develop a strategy, prepare a concept, find products and price them accordingly. Then we work on communication and sales support and we help our business Customers to implement the concept. And we don't stop there! We observe, upgrade and jointly improve our products and services. Is it possible to cooperate more comprehensively?

Flexible and ready to act

We like challenges, new projects, changes. Someone once said that taxes and death are the only certainties. In our opinion, something else needs to be added to this: changes.
We are flexible and ready to act because we know that what is certain today may no longer be tomorrow. We are not offended by reality and problems, we simply try to enjoy the hanging reality and solve problems. Do we act?



The sales and purchasing department is the heart of a trading company. Dialogues with customers, concluding business agreements and commercial transactions, negotiating the best purchase conditions and searching for products all over the world. Now more specifically: Emergo is a team of the best managers, salespeople and purchasers. We work for your profit!

The warehouse and finance department are the lifeblood of a trading company. It ensures the flow of products, resources and finances, in short, it controls a healthy organization and gives the other departments the background they need to operate at top speed. Take it easy! Your documents and products are in the right hands. Emergo's employees ensure that everything arrives on time and is booked accordingly. 

Our customer service and HR departments are committed to the satisfaction all our Clients’ satisfaction: the Customers who buy our products, as well as our internal Customers - our suppliers and coworkers. 

Every Company is the people and the relationships they establish.  

We invite you to contact us and cooperate with our professional and smiling team!


„Effectiveness is the measure of truth. If a person is not effective in life, it means the truth they hold is outdated.” We are focused on our mutual success – our Client’s and our Company. We believe that old methods will not achieve anything original, so we look for new creative solutions. We know there is a solution for every problem, and while seeing the goal, we see no obstacles.


"Effectiveness is the measure of truth. If a person is not effective in life, it means the truth they hold is outdated.’’

" Effectiveness is the measure of truth. If a person is not effective in life, it means the truth they hold is outdated.’’

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