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Together with our business partners, we create unique concepts that meet the expectations and dreams of our customers. The concept that inspires the customer is always the best seller for the final Customer, as well as in B2B relations.

Metamorphose Metamorphose
Metamorphose floor panels are a combination of modernity and classics – timeless design with a natural surface, which guarantee a long-term use. 
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Home Inspire Concept – Flooring Home Inspire Concept – Flooring
Home Inspire Concept – Flooring
Looking for a ready-made project in the floor category? The Home Inspire concept provides a full range of laminate, vinyl, and hardwood flooring, selected according to the latest design and quality trends.
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Groa Groa
Everybody has their own needs, expectations and... shelves! Because everyone needs at least a little bit of their own space. We open the eyes (and minds) of the consumers to see the possibility of “personalisation” of the shelves, which goes beyond a mere usability.
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Home Inspire Concept - Underlay Home Inspire Concept - Underlay
Home Inspire Concept - Underlay
Nowadays, customers have an unlimited choice of products, but they often seem unhappy while shopping. Why? Too many products to choose and the lack of a simple, understandable communication make it difficult or even impossible for customers to make a quick and thoughtful choice.
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The Trainer Project The Trainer Project
The Trainer Project
We do more than just delivering the product– we teach others how to sell them effectively. We care about the commitment of the sellers and we maximize Customers’ satisfaction! 
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