Everybody has their own needs, expectations and... shelves! Because everyone needs at least a little bit of their own space. We open the eyes (and minds) of the consumers to see the possibility of “personalisation” of the shelves, which goes beyond a mere usability.

Why are the GROA –
shelves worth choosing?

In order to make any change, one needs to make space for it. 

A change is something new that replaces the old. 

Therefore, the old must give way to the new. 

What do you see on the way?

Low quality exposure!

What distinguishes us?

The top shelf quality! Aesthetics combined with utility in a maximally universal form. Shelves on display can be presented under separate brands, under a common brand, or without a brand. Visual consistency is ensured by the assignment of the shelves to a specific stylisation (room) and a united colour scheme. Thanks to the sophistication of the design, we can offer you aspiring products at a great price!

We are expanding the context of the shelf. A shelf is not only a useful element. A shelf itself can be a decoration of the wall but when we complement it with some graphic elements, it will revive the room in an entirely new way. The possibilities are limited only by our fantasy!



Modularity of exposure
Modularity of exposure
The more modules, the more presented rooms.
Natural materials and their combinations, the most fashionable trends.
Basic simple shapes, basic soft colours
As it is still a storage item, the products are tested for durability.

Recommendations of our clients and suppliers

Emergo has commissioned our agency to prepare a non-standard way of displaying wall shelves from the GROA concept. The products turned out to be so inspiring that the implementation of the project provided us with a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Hopefully we will have more such orders and Customers with such professional approach to cooperation. Its effects will definitely attract attention!



Andrzej Nowak
Andrzej Nowak
Goody Agency

The complete concept responding to the Customer’s needs. It is a combination of products whose main task is functionality and cultivating current trends, which allow you to play with colour, form and combine different elements.

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