To quote the dictionary definition, a shelf is: “a long, flat board fixed horizontally, usually inside a cupboard or against a wall so that objects can be stored on it”. Is it still relevant these days?

The GROA 2021-2022 collection is a modern approach to the storage. These days, a shelf must combine a practical element, which is the storage of things, with a decorative element – as a beautiful part of the interior, tailored to its style and character. 

With the development of new technologies, we are moving away from using shelves mainly for storing books or CDs. We display our souvenirs on them, we combine them to create obstacle courses for our pets, we store supplies on them, and use them every day in every room. Very often we begin to use them also as an ornament or a highlight of the interior, focusing less on the utility. 

If we want the product to be accepted by the Customer and rotated in a satisfactory quantity, it is not enough just to put it on the store shelf.

We take care to present the solution tailored to given Customers, so that they can use the space as efficiently as possible, and display the product in the best way. We show the idea of using our shelves, further inspiring the final recipient and giving them tips on what to use them for.


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