We constantly analyse what is of greatest interest to the consumers. Thanks to it, we can offer products that will help to create interiors in accordance with the latest trends, but also with the most popular, classic styles. Below we present the inspiring examples.


This is, above all, functionality and simplicity - standing in opposition to the interior which is overly decorated and "rich". The base colours are white, black, grey and beige/brown. Instead of decorative knickknacks, the quality of materials and the furniture is to be an ornament. When designing in this style, we reach for uncomplicated geometric patterns.


Minimalism, simplicity and functionality - and all this, of course, in bright, friendly colours! In addition, we focus on cosiness, comfort and nice references to natural materials. Here you can really feel "at home"...


Let the floors provide a beautiful background to sophisticated furniture and spectacular extras! We are inspired by precious wood and elegant stone textures. Here, the quality of the visual experience reigns supreme!


There's no room for experimentation and the avant-garde. We use close to the heart and eye "solid wood that will last for years". A well-chosen floor, even if it is not 100% wood (or not wooden at all)... still looks perfect and provides the desired visual effect. The one we know and like. For generations!


Functional minimalism referring to the climate of a former factory and near-factory buildings. Once it was the result of people's poverty, now, deliberately imitated, it is synonymous with luxury and extravagance. White, grey and metal reign supreme. For floors, we recommend references to the concrete or raw wood, which has "gone through a lot".


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