Floor Underlay

Practically every laminated and wooden floor, and a large part of vinyl floors, require being laid on a suitable underlay.

Analysing the Customer needs and market trends has enabled us to create a ready-made concept of floor underlays, which leads the Customer to choose the right product in a simple and intuitive way.

In order to choose the right underlay, you should answer 4 basic questions: 

  1. What is the purpose of your underlay: do you need to isolate from the cold or is the good heat-conducting important for you? 
  2. What flooring are you choosing?
  3. What will be the intensity of use of your flooring? Are you laying it in the living room or, for instance, in a bedroom?
  4. What additional comfort features are you interested in? Very good mute or rather the speed of installation? How about both? 

Thanks to many years of experience in the category and also to the simple concept of choosing an underlay for an Individual Customer, we are fully confident that we offer underlays that are safe, certified, complying to all standards, with high performance in use, and – most importantly – perfectly suited to the needs of a particular Customer! 

What distinguishes the Emergo offer from others, is a full flooring project made for the supermarket/store, as well as for an Individual Customer, which contains the flooring, a skirting board, a suitable underlay, and essential accessories.

Floor Underlay

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